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severe lower back pain

Hi,I am a 48 year old women who is pretty much healthy.  For about a month I have been suffering from slight back pain however in the last week it has gotten increasingly worst.  I would say severe.  The pain is in my lower back middle it sometime will radiate through my left leg.  The pain gets worse if I sit, or move in a certain way.  I dont take any med currently due to lack of health insurance.  I have been taking advil and vicodin which someone gave me.  Alittle history I care for a 93 year old man who just suffered a compression fracture, and untill about a week ago I was helping do just about everything, meanning I was picking him up etc...I am in so much pain that I am just about hospital bound but hate going to the er room for back pain.  
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Hi and sorry you are in this situation. Yes you must get it checked out. The good news is that almost all back pain doesn't requre surgery. But, you need to be properly diagnosed so as to not make it worse. It could be the things that bigsissie (above) said or even a fracture. Hard to tell with a back injury. Rest plus walking will help a lot of back injuries. Start with a family practise or an orthopedic surgeon. I have myofascial pain it radiates down my leg but other things that are spine related do this too. I wouldn't take Vicadin too long without getting a doctors opinion. Do you lean over and limp? I recommend reading Conquer back and neck pain walk it off by Mark Brown and also The War on Pain by Dr. Scott Fishman. You can read about your symptoms but you still need to get to a doctor.
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You need to get it checked. You could have a pinched nerve that can lead to permanent damage. A chiropractic adjustment may help but if you have a herniated or bulging disc it could cause more damage. Hope you get to feeling better soon and it is nothing serious. Best wishes.

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