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severe pain in right shoulder

For one week now i have had severe pain under my right shoulder blade and down my arm
the pain is so bad it makes me cry ,,,,my GP said it was plurecy in the lung,,
the hospital said it was something to do with my muscles
can anybody help
thank you
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The symptoms you describe could be related to possible disc involvement in your cervical spine.  If degenerative changes are present and the nerve is being compromised, it would produce symptoms such as yours.
Did either the doctor or the hospital do baseline x-rays of your neck?  This would identify any degenerative changes.  An MRI might be needed to determine the extent of nerve involvement.
Contact your primary care physician and see if these x-rays can be done as a diagnostic tool.  I am cautious regarding your prior exam as pleurisy in the lung would normally cause sharp pain in the chest wall, especially when taking a breath.  There is usually no pain when not taking a breath. You did not report any breathing problems or if a chest x-ray was done.
Your pain could be related to a herniated disc and does need further evaluation.
Please post with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have.
Best wishes -----
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Thank you for you quick response,
I have no pain in my chest but when i put my neck down to touch my chest  it feels like iam pulling something .
My physician did not x-ray my neck just my lung's ,
The pain in my arm is like a burning sensation but also very very painful.

Kind Regards
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Please pursue the neck x-rays and MRI if indicated.  I suspect that you do have degenerative changes in your cervical spine.
Keep me posted ----
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I went to the hospital last night and got an x-ray done ,
there is no change in my spine ,
but they still could not diagnose me they gave me strong pain killers and amitriptyline they said this would ease the pain
i know this is an antidepresent  i am in two minds wether to take this
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