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herniated discs

I was in an auto accident and was left with two lower back herniated discs. Specifically, L4-5 left paracentral and left neural foranimal 3-4mm broad based disc protrusion with moderate lateral recess and proximal left neural foranimal narrowing. L5-S1 left neural foranimal 6mm disc protrusion and small focus annular fissure with moderate left foranimal narrowing. Plus I have a small degree of mild scoliosis of the lumbar spine. My doctor prescribed physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments (I had 12-15), that didn't work, so he gave me facet injections, that did not work either. Then, he released me from his care (I had been referred to him on lien by my personal injury attorney). I then saw a neuro orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery. Another doctor also suggested surgery. My symptoms from being rear ended in the auto accident are still with me constantly - lower back pain, shooting leg pain, numbness in the legs and feet. I need some relief. Why did my first doctor refuse to do surgery? Was it the fact that I was seeing him on personal injury lien? Or is he just a bad doctor?
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I feel your pain and understand your frustration. I had neck surgery on 2/16/10 and on 4/6/10 I too was rear ended. I too have herniated and **** protrusion L4 to S1.  I have found myself once again doing injections in my neck and lower back.

To try and help with your questions, every doctor has their way of handling each case and each case is different. However, my experiences with any GOOD doctors is that surgery is the last resort. If injections are not working for you I would suggest you making an appointment with a pain management doctor as well as a Pain Psychologist. Surgery in some cases is not the answer and is not required at the current moment. I've been going to physical therapy a month or so after my rear end collision and I will tell you that it does take time. Your mussels and tissues, ect need time to heal and calm down. Physical therapy has helped and will help with pinched nerves, in time. It wont happen over night, unfortunately.

I have a wonderful medical team and I feel very blessed. If yu would like my surgens info please send an email and i'll share that info with you.

I hope you research and always get a second even a third opinion before surgery.

Good Luck to you
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Dear Friend,

"Why did my first doctor refuse to do surgery? Was it the fact that I was seeing him on personal injury lien? Or is he just a bad doctor? "
                    The perception of doctor's vary form case to case. So when he had examined you initially, he must had his reasons to believe that surgery was not required.
And in general, doctors don't advice for surgery on first instance. They all try to conservative management (physiotherapy, etc), before deciding for surgery.
So don't think like that.
Please opt for surgery presently.
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