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protruding disc in 17 year old athlete

my son was injured playing football two years ago, he is now 17.  Been unable to continue with most high school sports, we have been to orthopedics and chiropractors.  Orthopedics had us do therapy, tried back injections, none of which has worked, has been on a work out therapy strengthing abdominal muscles, still has pain after walking long distance or some of the sports.  Most of the information and research I have received really do not give options for under the age of 21.  We have considered surgery almost as no option, but would like to know if this would be something that has been done successfully and to this age.  He would like to play sports again, this being his junior year, want to know if there is anyone that may specialize in athletic back injuries for this age, and if sugery is something that we should consider.  Again, this would be a last resort, but we are getting close to nothing else left to try, pls advise or if you can provide some contact information for this age.

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I too am a 17 year old athlete that has a herniated disc. (though I am a female any I got it through competitive diving). My doctor, a world renowed sports physician, told me that I had to avoid all types of plyometric training for 6 months. For me, I was perscribed strong NSAIDs which were extremely helpful in reducing my back pain. Due to the fact that I was diagnosed the day before our conference championship meet, my recevery has been fairly unconventional but has worked thus far. Let me know if you have any questions. I am always willing to help. By the way, you are the first person I know of that has been diagnosed with a herniated disc under the age of 18.
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Dear Friend,
Well i am sorry as i won't be able to given names of any local doctors available in your region.
But what concerns me is the fact that, though you have gone to visit so many doctors, am surprised to hear that the pain has still not been controlled. In that case scenario, would suggest you to please meet "Pain and Palliative" specialist.
If MAYO clinic is near your region, then you can go there also.
Please feel free to discuss further, if you have any queries.
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