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CSF Leak 3 mos post cervical discectomy

Hi, new here seeking some guidance on the following:
Had a cervical discectomy in Nov. 2010, developed a large puffy area around the incision in Jan. 2010. Went back to my surgeon, only to be told by the nurses it was nothing to worry about. This went on for several months.  The puffy are is now about the size of an egg in the morning, but disapates quickly after standing.  I have no headaches or pain.  Finally was able to see my surgeon in Feb. 2011, who told me I have a CSF leak. He put me back in a collar with a pressure bandage on the incision.
He told me I may need a lumbar drain, or more surgery.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I'm tempted to just opt for the surgery to be done with it, since we are going on 4 months of this now.
Appreciate any advice...
Carolsgirl in MN
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Dear Friend,
CSF leak is a common complication, post surgery.
Pressure bandage is the best way out. However if it fails, then drainage is the other remedy.
However incase both of these modalities fails, then the only option left is to go for a patch operation.
How is your present condition?
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