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I'm in pain!!!

I am 39 years old and in August 2010 had a synovial cyst removed L5/S1, laminectomy. I was pain free for only one month. Since Oct. I have had pain in my left thigh but recently it has gone into my left hip and groin as well. The pain is unbearable. MRI on 12/24 shows... moderate to marked left sided recess stenosis L5-S1, left sided facet arthritis causing mild sac compression,left sided facet joint effusion, contiguous10 x 8mm synovial cyst(Yes, it grew back!!),moderate to severe left S1 root compression. I contacted my surgeon. He can't believe the cyst grew back. I am seeing 2 different surgeons for opinions next week. I have tried massage, PT, epidurals, lots of Neurontin and heavy duty narcotics, TEMS unit, heat, ice..The only time I am not in pain is when I am lying down on my right side, that's it. Sitiing, standing, walking are unbearable. I get these strong stabbing pains in my thigh and groin that bring me to my knees.I am a teacher and have to stand all day. Do I need another surgery? What can I do?
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Dear Friend,
It's really unbelievable to see the cyst re-grown as well as seeing the left side recess stenosis, though laminectomy was done previously.
Yes, you would require a surgery as the present condition is too painful and surgery is the only way of relief.
Beside surgery presently i can't think of any other option as all those, if done, will only be for pain control and would soon exhaust out.
Hence please do consult a good orthopaedician who specializes in spine for a final verdict and planing for surgery.
Please feel free to discuss further.
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Thank you so much for responding in such a timely fashion.What would the surgery entail? Will the cyst continue to grow until I have surgery?
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