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Mid Spine pain made worse by sugar and medication

I have been suffering for 8 years now with fatigue and back pain, symptoms that started at the same exact time and I feel are related. No health issues at all before.

My back pain is not injury related.  I feel it dead center in the middle of my spine and it feels almost more like an infection rather than a bone or muscle type pain. Could be wrong.

Some interesting observations I've made: sugar and various medications make the spine pain flare up much worse and neck stiffness and popping also come about. And it's a very strong correlation, it's not like I just feel a tad bit worse.

example: Vitamin D rx and Buspar, completely unrelated and otherwise benign I would think, both caused the mid spine pain to increase severely. The vitamin D especially caused much neck stiffness with audible crackling noises as I moved my head around.  Sugar intake also has this effect as well on the spine pain.  

One other thing I've noticed is that medication seems to linger in my body much longer than normal. Example: I still noticed effects from Strattera several months after taking it. My guess is that maybe my body has some issue metabolizing? I really don't know. But with the spine pain side effects with meds and sugar, and me noticing side effects from medication long after taking it, it's almost like my body stores it and slowly releases it. This may not be the case at all, but this is how it appears to me, take that as you will.

This is not the only symptom I experience, but I do think it's the biggest clue into what is going on, whatever that might be and I'm hoping you have heard of something like this before. Besides the back pain I have a nonstop fatigue and worn out feeling, I have no energy.

With the sugar and medication link to my spine and neck pain and stiffness being so weird, I am hoping that you may have remembered seeing or reading something about that that could help me out.
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Dear Friend,
Apologies for the late answer.
Please confirm the present status, so that i can answer as a continuation of the last post itself.
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