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Pulsating Pain in back and Neck

Hi. I am 31, and about 6 years ago, I injured my back and had some bluging disks and annular tears - got steroid injections, but no perm. relief.  I am experiencing pulsating pain in my lower back and in my neck. The pain is bad enough that I don't want to move when it happens.  It lasts about 30 seconds to a minute.  It does not hurt in between the two spots....so I'm not sure what is causing it - or why it happens.  It's not when I do any particular movement, it can happen lying, sitting, standing, moving...etc.  I have had a recent MRI since my last was done 5 years ago.  The results showed some mildosteoarthritis.

I have pseduotumor cerebri, so have had multiple (probably 4 or 5) lumbar punctures in the last year to draw off excess fluid. I also have had status migrainosus and suffer from regular migraines. I had a hysterectomy in 2006 for the migraines...now they are worse! I also have interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia.  The place on my spine that throbs like that is where they do the taps generally, and where I have the injuries/arthritis.  Any clue as to what this could be? Anyway to get rid of it besides taking pills? It happens about 1x/day.

Carrie Gilliland
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Hi hon, I am not familiar with pseduotumor cerebri but I'm sure someone will be along soon to comment on this and the bulging disk issues you have. Are you in pain management yet? If not, I highly recommend it.
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Dear Friend,
Pseudotumor Cerebri is also called as Benign Intra Cranial Hypertension which can happen due to any reason. The present treatment, which is in the form of excess CSF removal, is a good one and you can continue with the same.
Your recent MRI is showing only mild Osteo-arthritis.So i presume, it's not as bad as it should have been as far as your symptoms are seen.
Would prefer you to get a NCV done (Nerve Conduction Velocity) , so as to help us know, about other relevant issues (especially near the nerve plexus).
Meanwhile continue on your physiotherapy. Meet a good physiotherapist, who has specialized in lower back / spinal physiotherapy. The main intention is to make your back muscle strong enough, to tolerate the pain. If they reach that stage, then the usage of medicines can be reduced drastically.
Hence would request you to please discuss after your NCV reports are ready.
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Hi, Thanks for the response. I have not gotten to a pain management doctor yet.  My medical bills are SO big, that I am trying to limit the amount we spend on it.  I have looked into pain management, so, hopefully soon I can enlist help from them!

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