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Serious pain in back

Hello I am asking a question about back and neck pain I have been having pain in my right hip, leg and in mid back, these have been going on for awhile, hip pain started at work I sit a lot and it does bother me more when I sit.across my shoulders and in neck. Have stopped exercising and am in misery, feel possibly getting hooked on pain meds, tried cymbalta but made difficult to pee. PSA last year 1.2 And what would you advise, my doctor has said sciatica but  the mid back stiffness and shoulder area. I also cannot twist much to right or bend at waist am overweight but not that bad
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Dear Friend,
Well back pain can really make a person suffer a lot. Especially in the area of work. Your name suggests that your are a chef. So what i presume is that you spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen and doing lot of movements as well as occasionally carrying heavy items. So you are bound to get a bad back ache. And since it's sometimes associated with hip problem also.
The root cause of the problem is related to the profession. Also stopping exercise and being overweight is not going to help you in any context.
Hence do get an MRI done and perhaps we can discuss later, as how to deal with this issue.
However, meanwhile, do all those activities, which gives you a "feel good" factor and avoid sleeping on soft mattress as well as using a pillow. However  do make a habit of stretching your back or doing a 5 min walk, after every 1 hour of your work and avoid long drives also.
I hope it should be enough, before your MRI scan is ready.
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