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Burping after Lap Band Removal

I was banded in 2010 and my band is removed in Nov 2016. Main reason being that I had the burp a lot. Not only after I eat something but almost every single minute even without a fill. The doctor told me that probably my body made with a scar tissue tightening of the oesophagus. My removal surgery was somewhat heavier than the placement of the band. I was sick for 2 weeks. I am still having pain when I walk on my left side. However my question is about burping. Doctor said he removed all the scar tissue which was causing the burping. But 3 weeks, post op I still  burp. Not like before but specially when I eat something as if I still have my band. did my body make new scar tissue? or will this go away?
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Hi. Just wondering how you are doing? I have a similar problem. I got my band 2010..last Sept 2017 I started burping and haven't stopped. I got my band removed almost 4 months ago...it has got worse!!! I now have constant gas both sides, always bloated, if I even drink water past 7p I'm up walking around all night super bloated and terrible pain. I have lost 20lbs in about a month...had endoscopy, colonoscopy, x ray, mri... nothing. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, after visiting many doctors, many endoscopies, etc no one can tell what the problem is. One holistic doctor told me that my nerves around where the band was are damaged and it takes a long time to heal them. It will take years he said and added that it might never get healed. :((
I will be going to Mexico for another opinion. I will let you know if I get any sort of help...I'm up for my sleeve surgery next month and just don't know what to do anymore...I'm on disability because of this, I'm so over it!!! Thanks for your fast response.
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