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I had my Roux en y gastric bypass surgery in 1999. I've been having medical problems ever since some serious some not. Has anyone had or is having absorption and malabsobsion problems with medications. If so please let me know. I've been researching it but there still doesn't seem to be enough studies done to help. If anyone knows of any can you let me know I would appreciate any and all information. Thank you,  Lisa
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Hi, I'm wondering if anybody who has had roux en y gastric bypass surgery and also taking subutext. Please I just have some questions about your dosages and how it's going. I know everybody is different. I'm just totally in need of information. I just need to connect with somone in the same situation. Thank you, Lisa Romano
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Not sure I f you are still on this forum.  I had the surgery 6 years ago... was doing great. now I have a severe vit d defiency.  I know they told me to keep up on the vitamins, but I didn't realize the lack would make me so sick... for so long!
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I had to start taking all my vitamins again and keep up with them I suffered severe fatigue I now know better 4 yes -130 PDS
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Yes! I have MAJOR problems! I lost my vision in my right eye due to it and I'm now only 105 pounds. I will be having revision surgery to a gastric sleeve on 9-9-15. Stay on top of this! It can become very serious. My doctors didn't connect the dots right away and sent me to a lot of different doctors. Now I have numerous deficiencies, I'm anemic, on a fentanyl patch for constant migraines... Take it seriously, this effects your heart muscle, sight, everything
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