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Excess Skin

I have been speaking with my doctor for a few months. I have stormed several message boards, most of the information is relatively useless for me, because most of the information is of people who had the lap-band surgery nearly 10 years ago and there have been changes since then. What my question is: Has anyone had a moderate/severe problem with excess skin after surgery? I have always been uncomfortable in my own skin from being overweight but with some of the horror stories I have heard about the excess skin, I'm not so sure the procedure is even worth it. I know the point is to lose wight be healthy and live longer but if I'm going to still be just as uncomfortable why live longer.
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Hi...I have just passed the one year mark from having my lap band. I am down around 75 pounds. I do have somewhat of a skin problem but I also have more weight to lose. I will say that I am suprised it is not worse than it is for me...so far. I thought it would be much worse. Are you going to have the band? Remember that you can always have the skin fixed after you lose the weight. Good luck to you with your decision.
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I'm still considering the option, I just dont want to still feel like a prisioner in my own skin in the end. I know it can be removed but that means more surgery and more money which I deff don't have. And thank you for sharing.
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You are very welcome. I hope you find something that you can be comfortable with. I understand the no money aspect...it is the story of my life lately. I hadn't really thought through the part about having to buy new clothes...and the supplements and proper food. Meat is expensive and my world is pretty crazy right now budget wise so there are several things that seem a bit overwhelming to me right now.
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I had the lapband surgery 2 years ago and have lost 112 pounds.i have extra skin and i only am worried about the skin that hangs in the middle.  will the insurance still pay to have this removed under my doctors care?  I have to go see him next week and i am thinking about having it removed.
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