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Hyperthyroidism after Bariatric surgery?

Hi, I am a 52 year old woman who was always suspected of hypothroidism. I have always had a weight problem but, because I always ate healthy, no sugar, no salt mostly veggies and salads. Never was a meat eatter, always had to eat several egg whites a day for protein.Doctors really need to look further than at a persons body size in considering what is wrong. Not all heavy people eat alot or improperly. And  heavy people obviously can have Hyperthyroidism. Under-treated or untreated Hyperthyroidism is bad. For years I have had many symptoms of thyroid probs, both hypo and hyper. Eyes bulging out of head, extreme fatigue alternating with hyperacvtivity,brittle hair(used to have such good hair salons never wanted to cut it), heart palpitations,dry eyes, constant fainting, Have not had to tweeze eyebrows in 10 years, barely any hair on legs and underarms, insomnia and etc. I have always had very low blood pressure and was recently told it was too low,, low sugar(glucose),;ow cholesterol, all indicative of how I eat , not what was assumed because of my size and rapid weight gain weekly. I went to doctor and told him my symptoms, at first he giggled and said by looking at you I know you do not have hyperthyroids.How rude and condascending, once again I was just a fat person who all of my problems were that I was fat, not thinking for once the weight was a symptom, not a cause. As you can see I am angry, sorry. I dieted, went to a  nutritionist, etc.  etc. I continued to gain weight, but there were periods as well that I was hungier, eatting more, eyes bulging, heart palpitations, extreme mood swings and very hyper, not sleeping, but losing eight. I gave in, figured I needed a psychiatrist, went that route, was not it,my eight went to a whopping 378 pounds with extreme rapid gain, I could not take it anymore, I decided to get Baritric surgery. Once again I was prepping for surgery and my thyroid test was bad, indicative of hyperthyroidism.I was informed to go to my PCP, I did, once again another doctor said no way  I should be skinny therefore it is not right. I went ahead with the surgery and have since lost 110 pounds and am 20,000.00 poorer. I had several more lab tests done since and thyroid got worse after each time.I am now going to another doctor an Endocrimologist, they think I have and am going between hypo and hyper.My brain functions is not what it was, no memory, cannot comprehend alot, cannot focus, first half of day I am hyper(NO CAFFEINE), then at about 1:20 I start to crash. I am actually exhausted and hyper at same time. I have headaches which I have never had before,pain in right eye, bulging eyes, weakness.I went to a Carddiologist to rule out my heart, it is all great.I am told and read that undiagnosed and untreated hyperthyroidism can lead  to calcium depletion(Osteoporosis) quickly and am frustrated and concerned with what the overlooking of this condition has caused my body and overall health. Is it possible to have both hyper and hypo at same time, and how can a person be heavy and hyper? Also, I  read that rapid weight loss can cause an increase in  Amiodarone, which can cause hyperthyroidism, is this so?Also I have googled and researched Bariatric surgery and hyperthyroidism and found that many people have been diagnosed post op with hyperthyroidism. Is there a  direct or indirect correlation between the two?
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Hello and welcome ... I'm not well versed to answer your ?'s but wanted to say hi.  You may want to repost on Dr. Lupo's Expert Forum ?  But, other's may jump in and help.

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Yes it’s possible to gain weight with hyperthyroidism, I’m the poster child. Increased metabolism, increased appetite, weight gain. My weight is significant, 240 pounds. I gained 50 pounds and misdiagnosed for months, I even had a thyroid storm and ended up in the ER, again misdiagnosed. Told I was stressed and detoxing off Ativan. I went on the Keto diet for three months losing a little weight (maybe 10 pounds). I’m on an anti thyroid medication that makes you gain mor weight and hard to lose it. Frustrating. Food isn’t my problem since I’ve been on medication. Frustrated and desperate to lose weight. My question is, would gastric bypass work for someone like me?

Thank you for reading my rant!
I realize These are old posts. I hope someone reads this and has some words of wisdom
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