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Increase Oxalate in urine

Is it possible that my high protein diet before and after my Roux-en-y surgery on 1-22-10 has cause me to have three times the normal amount of Oxalates in my urine. I was normal last year and I have not had a kidney stone in 5 years
so I am thinking with the oxalates being this high I will be getting more kidney stones.  I was told to follow a low
oxalate diet, but I am not eating anything it the high range, I do eat Carrots, Green Beans, apples, strawberries
and blueberries in small amounts, because most of my portions of my meals are protein first anything else I eat
is a very small amount. Would like your input. Thank you.  
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The reason for increased likelihood of the development of kidney stones following this type of gastric bypass surgery is not entirely understood. A possibility is that the anatomic rearrangement caused by the operation establishes a mildly malabsorptive state, which may be responsible for the increase in the excretion of urinary electrolytes. Kidney stones could also result from an alteration in the gut microflora (normal bacteria) caused by the procedure.

NOT related to high protein content of diet
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