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PCOS and Gastric Banding

I was wondering if anyone out there has PCOS and has gone through the gastric banding. My doctor has mentioned it and I was wondering if it helped them lose weight. I have been doing weight watchers for a while now and everytime I lose a few pounds they come right back. Thanks in advance.
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I didn't have banding bc it doesn't have a very high success rate, but I did laproscopic gastric rny and my pcos resolved and we are pregnant with our first! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
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I have pros and I have been stuck at 172-176 for like 3-6 months now and i workout and i want to fight lol its horrible and I take birth control like my doctor said she told me take orthotricyclin which she said wouldn't make me gain weight and would balance the hormones. I also have hypothyroidism which wil make you gain weight as well and I take medication every day which is supposed to aid in weight loss and it doesn't I also take Qsymia which is supposed to aid in weight loss the endocrinologist prescribed it. It is doctor approved weight loss pill. I was told " you will lose weight and it will be amazing you watch in 3 months 15 lbs" well well nothing lol so there ya go sorry I went off on a tangent but I'm just saying
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