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Sores on skin

Hello all,
*i apologize in advance for the post being so long, but I wanted to give all the details so that anyone responding to it will have the info they need in order to give me the best possible answers.

I had the gastric bypass on 11/14/11 and I have had significant weight loss thus far. I believe I am now ready for the plastic surgery since I've come close to my goal weight of 135. I am now 140 and started out at 222lbs.

My question is will the surgeons perform my surgery for free? since at the present time I am starting to develop skin blisters and sores in between the folds of my skin in and around my torso area. It does itch a bit and is very sensitive to touch. It's not bleeding and the skin isn't broken, but I am afraid that will eventually happen the longer I let this go on without having the excess skin removed.

Now I do have a skin condition called psorasis which is an autoimmune disease where my skin cells replicate at a faster rate and build up a plaque thick like reddish rash that causes pain and significant bruising on the surface of the skin.

Psorasis is treatable, but not curable. I do see a dermatologist and have received many different medicines to treat it. However, due to my excessive skin flapping and folding over causing me to sweat and the weight strain on my body, the medicines are not as effective as they were before. The dermatologist said the weight loss is a huge plus in controlling the psorasis; however, now the excessive skin from the weight loss will cause the skin to rub against each other which makes it flare up and causes me to break out even more.

I know that depending on how big u r the surgeons will work with u, especially when the skin is extremely excessive and causes pain and if it breaks the skin causing sores or infections. I live in NY so we do get a lot of aid and assistance with medical care once we qualify. I have Medicaid and my surgery was completely covered by Medicaid which I am grateful for. So now I'm concerned about this next phase. I hope its covered, since I am still unemployed and have no $ to pay for plastic surgery.

My parents said they will help me pay for the plastic surgery if its not covered by Medicaid. I am happy about that, but the concern is how much will that all cost since I need more that 1 procedure? I am considering between either a full body lift or a tummy tuck, liposuction and  butt injections/lift. I have an appointment with my surgeons on Monday, so I'm hoping they can give me some guidance n much needed answers then.

If anyone has gone through this already or even have some referrals for plastic surgeons that they can provide me with in NY, I'd be very grateful for your help. Thanks in advance for any info provided.

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