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gastric bypass surgery in 2005

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005.Ever since my surgery I suffer from a lot of stomache pains along with ulcers.I have been put in I.C.U twice for bleeding ulcers I think was due to my bypass.:(Now I have to take medication for the rest of my life for ulcers and iron pills for low blood count.I have lost all my weight I started at 284pds.Before my surgery and I am now 133pds I was 125pds.but I lost weight because of being sick with my stomache.I am now 133pds. And I love that I am thinner but I hate feeling weak and so out of energy:(Not to mention always having pain in my stomache.I guess you can't win for for losing:(
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Also after my surgery I bleed internally and almost died I stayed in I.c.u for about 2 weeks.It was a miracle I am alive today:) The dr.I saw was out of Houston a really good Dr. What happened to me was outta chance.Its possible for this things to go wrong after surgery.I will say they took really good care of me and that's why I am here today.I was the only one that happen to from my dr.s patients it gave him a big scare! BUT Idnt blame what happened to me on him anytime you have a major surgery like that they tell you the possiblites that can go wrong. I JUST DID NOT THINK THAT WOULD BE ME.You never think it will or could be you until it happens!! Dnt ever doubt that little percent that it can't and will not happen to you because Yes it can!! I remember coming out of surgery thinking something was wrong!! Horrablly wrong.I remember praying and praying even when I was totally out I kept praying for God to let me make it.I had 2 little girls that need there mom and I wasn't gonna go without a fight for my life.I remember asking the nurses if I was gonna make it they would smile and say yes you are gonna make it.And I did it took a while but I pulled threw:) I'm 33yrs.old and I'm here today
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Hey I also have 2 sever ulcers one at the top and one at the bottom of my stomach unfortunately I did not lose all the weight i went from 240lbs to 158lbs and went to 174 3 months after and the doc said thats normal. Doesn't make sense to me but ok. ANywho I am on protonics for the rest of my life i was told it ***** but at first doctor said pain was due to 2 hernias and that i would feel amazing like brand new after he took them out so i was excited so i had to pay 400 to get it out with my insurance I was so sad when i had those pains again. He wants me to have another upper endoscopy I am so tired of them putting cameras down my throat so depressing so I feel you on that but stay positive I know its hard but i guess there could be worse things in life right.
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Did anyone tell you guys not to take anything other than Tylenol for pain?  Aspirin, Aleve etc will cause ulcers after bariatric surgery. Only take Acimenophen (spelling?) for pain
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