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lap band removal

What are the complications for having lap band removed?  How long is this surgery?  I have had the lap band for 2 years and have gained 20 lbs.  Yes, I have had slider food.   I still vomit at times when I eat too fast or not the right things.  It is time for the lap band and I to part ways!
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it's probably longer and more expensive to remove than it was to get it put in!  My late wife had one of those - I believe that it was partly responsible for her eventual intestinal cancer 15 years later.  She never lost any weight with it either, and she hardly ever ate anything at all, also puked frequently - get rid of it while you can!  just be happy with yourself, no matter how big you are!
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I am very sorry for your loss.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on having the lap band removed.  I am 59 years old and know that my insurance will cover the removal cost.  I appreciate your input because I have to make a decision by this Friday.  
what did you have to do to have the insurance to approve having the band removed?  I have extreme heartburn and take medication for it.  the medication stopped working a few years ago but I'm afraid I will get can eventually since I am in constant pain.  my daughter also had it done about five years ago and she throws up after every meal.  if you know a doctor in Mexico you would recommend, that would help as well.  please let me know if you have any information.  thank you, sylvia
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hey there,

im in australia, and for me, it was the surgeon and anaesthist and i only had to pay the gap of $670 for the doc, but still waiting for the anaesthist, but it should be cheaper beacuse they are taking out the band, or as my health fund labeled it as a prothesis which cost $6000 and got that for free, so way more expensive to get it put in!!!!!!!!!

i had mine taken out 2 and a half weeks ago for vomiting and constant pain even with the cuff , its all gone good, but the site were the port is removed left a dint and so it didnt close over and im still off work cos as an ICU nurse i would be bug heaven!!! and having daily dressings to encourage it come together normally, as oppised to going in scrapping and suturing or stiching, which i would prefer!!!!!! cos he said it would be a bigger scar!! you can imagine how well that will improve my self confidence!!!

take care
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