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Distal Gastric Bypass Malabsorption

10 year post distal gastric bypass (open) patient. Developed fissure and finally an anal fistula.  Treatment?  Additionally!!!!  Vit D deficiency ............taking 50,000 mg 2x's a week.............still no help.  What is treatment for vit d and malabsorption?  Developed osteoporosis.  I am a 51 year old female.  Help, my Physician is not sure what course of action to take with me........I am sure other patients have had this type of surgery (distal).  Causing 5 to 7 bowel movements a day...................nothing absorbs. Any insight or physician referral is truly appreciated
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It sounds like you have fat malabsorption due to distal bypass
Inability to absorb fat soluble vitamins such as Vit D
The treatment may be revise the bypass and "give you back" more bowel for better absorption
You and I should communicate directly - my email address is ***@****
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