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I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few all-natural cosmetic brands - everything from foundation to mascara. I have annoyingly sensitive skin and it seems to be the only way to go.

Keep in mind that I live in Canada...so I know some of the brands that might come up wont be available here.
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hello! i am not 100% sure but i love the complete line of bareminerals   from their powder foudation to their eyeshadows...u can get them online...they are supposed to be so good for your skin u can sleep in it...enjoy!
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Physician's Formula is available at most CVS stores in the US. They are good, but they offer a tinted moistrurizer rather than foundation.

Beauty Without Cruelty is another good brand that you might find in the internet, but check the ingredients to see if anything would irritate your skin, because sometimes they can be lax with their standards :/
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I LOVE bare minerals too!! They cover up every imperfection without being too heavy... plus they don't make me break out as much as liquid makeup.
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Hello Reade,
How are you?

I'm working in company that producing Dead sea cosmetics products.
those king of products are very rich with quality minerals, that bring to your skin the component that it need to staying soft and smooth.

please take a look at them in our on-line store: http://www.deadseacosmetics.com

Not for nothing we wrote "Health and Nature" on our logo :)

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