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I wear eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Every time I wear it with my contacts, my eyes burn so bad. It hurts so much that I start pulling at my eyelashes and they come out. What should I do?!
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Don't use eye makeup with your contacts.  No one is so ugly that they MUST wear eye mekeup. :-) - Blessings, Blu
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They have certain kinds of makeup that can be worn with contact lenses. Try looking into that kind of makeup.
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And if you can't stop pulling your eyelashes, treat that as an issue by itself, separate from the contacts clashing with the makeup.  It can get habitual, and problematic.
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It appears that you are allergic to the eye makeups you are using.

If you must wear eye makeup, check out the hypoallergenic cosmetics to find one that will not cause you an irritation.  Have a chat with the shop assistant at the makeup counter as they may be able to advise you on brands that are safer for you to use.

I do not wear contacts, but get an allergic reaction to lots of makeups.
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Hi ashby17,

I used to wear eye shadow, eye liner and mascara with contacts.
Some other posters suggest trying hypoallergenic eye make up.
I actually got an allergic reaction with eye shadow that was supposedly
hypoallergenic. The eye shadow was from Clinique which is supposed
to be hypoallergenic. I actually went to the store where I purchased the
eye shadow and complained. By the time I went to the store to complain
about the eye shadow, the rash had cleared up. Yes, rash. The store
clerk did not believe me and wouldn't give me a refund or an apology.
I was very annoyed by this point and I said it's no good to me and left
the eye make in a bag on the counter. My solution was to get glasses
which I now wear all the time and no eye make up whatsoever.
Did you know that you can also get an eye infection from mascara ?
Think of all the money you'll save by not having to buy eye make up.
If your eyes feel like they're burning now, that 's a sign something in
these eye make up products are irritating your eyes. Oh and that rash
I had from the so called hypoallergenic eye make up was on both eye
lids hurt and itched and I had to go to my doctor and get a prescription
for cream which I had to rub on each eye lid. It's really not worth it. Eve
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