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Best Moisturizer?

What is the best facial moisturizer? I use Mary Kay Timewise, but it's so expensive...
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i use mary kay, i just started with face wash and moisturiser. it was relatively cheap compared to what you buy at target or walmart. i think i payed $16 for a bottle. it takes so little that it should last for months. last outing at target i saw brands such as oil of olay and loreal for $20-30 something!! not all works for everyone, but i have breakouts and combination skin and i have noticed an incredible difference!! hope this helps at all. oh and mary kay - if you dont like it you can give it back!
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i use clinique's non-oil moisturizer, but it's probably as expensive as what you're currently using.  on the bright side, i can find it at any mall!
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oh im wrong on the price. i bought a 3 pack. it was the cleanser, moisteriser, and liquid make up for about $54.
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there is a moisturizer for everything these days.  Use one w/ an spf and depending on your age one w/ an alpha hydroxy is nice to help exfoliate.  Neutrogena products and aveeno are all nice inexpensive options.
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I like aveeno products. I have sensitive skin and in the winter, the slightest bit of harsh wind chaps my face and causes huge, splotchy dry spots. I bought an aveeno 24 hour- moisturizer with oatmeal and it literally causes the dry spots to come right off. I had to use the product three times a day to work, but something is better than nothing. It's cheap and can be found anywhere.
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Hey, I've been using the Mary Kay TimeWise as well. But I just recently started using a different TiemWise cream...I think it has something else in it. i can't remember exactly what. But it was in a pump bottle instead of the one with the lid you pop open. And I've noticed I'm getting freckles. I mean, I already had a few, but I'm getting a lot all of a sudden, and I've been using this stuff for about 3 months. Have you noticed anything like that? I threw it out and went back to the other TimeWise I had. I wonder if it was the cream or if it's hormonal...I recently got off the pill...
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I am a die hard Aveda girl. They have the best moisturizer hands down.
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I use Purpose -- I've found it to be the best for my skin, you can buy it almost everywhere too..
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purpose soap is good, too.  my dermatologist recommended it because it's mild and has no oil in it.
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Burt's Bees moisturizers are awesome ! They contain beeswax and my skin never breaks out either. I also use olive oil dry mist spray from the Body Shop.

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you shouldnt have thrown it away! they will take back anything you dont like. i dont know if they refund, probably put the money towards another product but still! as far as the freckles go i dont know. see if they disappear now you stopped using it.
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I know, I could kick myself for throwing it out! My SIL (who I bought it from) told me after the fact that I could have exchanged it! And it's not like it's cheap! Oh well...I asked my mom about the freckles and she seems to think it's from stopping the pill. So now i threw away a good product for no reason!!!!!!!! *sighs*
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P.S. At least it wasn't a full bottle...I had used more than half of it up...
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I like Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid - I can't find it for sensitive skin anymore :o(   I get really dry skin right on my chin area under the corners of my mouth and this was the ONLY moisturizer that took care of it for me.
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I use Mary Kay Timewise also.  I am a Mary Kay sales rep.  There are less expensive moistrizers that mary Kay sales.  It is the classic skin care collection.  You can get balancing or enriching moisturizer and they run about 16.00 compared to the time wise which is 22.00.  The diffrence in the two is the time wise helps with fine lines and aging and the others only moisturize.  All of Mary Kay products are designed for 3 months of use and some of the other brands that are less expensive you will need to buy more often.  Hope this helps!
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never got freckles, but i use the flip top kind (not the pump) with the SPF... and you're right a bottle lasts ages.
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Yeah, I went back to using the flip-top one. Hopefully that will do the trick!
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I use ponds to clean my face. Then oil of olay to moisturize my face. The ponds is the best stuff ever! My mom, and grandmother both have used it their whole lives. Both have beautiful skin and NO WRINKLES!  When I hit "the age" when ya really start carin I was payin out the butt for special creams. I finally gave up and went back to basics. I'll never change again
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I use a product line called Kara Vita. Of my gosh!! Once you have used their products you will never go back! you can look at karavita.com
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lucylocket2: I know right! it's awesome. My mom and aunts and everybody I know uses that and it's really nice...

But I've been using raw shea butter you get from street vendors and microwaving that and applying it everywhere. It makes your skin radiant. TRULY!!

Lately I've been relying on cleaning my face well to get beautiful skin, not too much on the moisturizer. I clean my face with lemon every once in a while and it zaps all the imperfections and doesn't dry out the skin.
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I like made from earth's products...

only chemical free for me!
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  I like natural chemical free moisturizer.
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IMO, there isn't 1 "best facial moisturizer"...since you have combination skin, you can try some moisturizers from Nature's Gate, Boscia, or MyMichelle. I also have combo skin and have found that all these work for me - they aren't too heavy and still provide the moisture that my face needs.
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I use the Clinique 3 step cleanser.It's really good for oily skin.Cleanse,exfolitae and moisturize. 3 steps, 3 minutes.twice a day regularly.I could go on with a fresh. clear face.

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Hi read your post. I am an American living in Australia. I am 62 years old on Sunday. I used to use all kinds of expensive treatments and creams for my face, but they didn't really do anything. Then one day I tried a cream, and I broke out around my mouth with these terrible ulcer like sores. I went to a dermatologist and he told me it was called perioral dermatitis. He said it came from chemicals in certain face creams. However, he had the list of what commercial creams had this bad ingredient in it, and I was shocked that so many expensive products had this in it. He told me it was a waste of money as these products would not help with this ingredient in it. Anyway, he told me to use a non soap cleanser. Not sure if you have this in USA as I didn't look for it last time I was there 2 years ago, but it's called Cetaphil.  He told me then to use ONLY Aqueous Cream afterwards as a moisterizer, as that is also soap free. I have been using only these 2 products for almost 10 years now. Everyone thinks I am at least 10 years  younger and I have no wrinkles.  Everyone thinks that my sister in law, who is 10 years younger than me, is actually older than me. For a large bottle of Cetaphil in Australia, you are looking around $20 and that will last you for months.  The Aqueous cream is $4 over here, and that is all I use. What a waste of money when I tried all the other products. And... the perioral dermatitis never returned.  I know they have these products in England as well, and I'm sure you must have them there. Good luck.
So do you wash your face with the cetaphil then cream with the aqueous?
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I am using mark kay intense moisturising cream. I have dry skin and this cream is perfect for my skin. I recommend everyone who has dry skin. Believe me its worth it.
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I use bio-oil and haven't even had to wear foundation or cover up after two days of using. ( I have been using this all over my body/face/hair for the past two months..my boyfriend has been using it as well.. even as a shaving "cream" on his face.)
it is pricey, but it can be used ALL OVER YOUR BODY AND EVEN HAIR!
this is the best purchase of my adult life.
I always get compliments on my skin and hair.. I recommend this to everyone and they also rave about it.
And not one breakout (I have combination skin problems, and even occasional blemish flare-ups.).
Worth the fifteen-twenty five dollars (depending on size), also a little goes a long way so you actually end up saving money. You can find this at any drug store/target/wal-mart even online.
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I am an Oil of Oley user for sure and have been using for more than 20 years. I am 59 and I have been told on more than one occasion that people think I am in my late 40s, wow. I recently was visited by a Mary Kay representative to show me their products and I am skeptical, I am thinking, why change or mess with something that has been working for me this long. I may end up getting some perfume or something else from Mary Kay but don't think I will change what I have been doing. Thanks for the different posts, my sister uses Cataphyll to cleanse her face on a daily basis and she is pleased.
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I use Purpose. You should also try this.
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Hey there are lots of products available in the market at affordable cost recently i have bought a product and it works well ping me in person i will help you out in buying a good product at an affordable cost.
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I like aveeno products. I have sensitive skin and in the winter, the slightest bit of harsh wind chaps my face and causes huge, splotchy dry spots
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Acti-Labs.  They are affordable and their skincare works.
I just realized how old that post was. lol
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Andalou Naturals Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream.
Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme.
The Body Shop Oils of Life Revitalising Sleeping Cream.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm.
Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Cream.
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