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Facial Hair waxing

I recently used an off-the-shelf facial hair waxing product. I waxed my upper lip and immediately after my skin went red and hurt a lot which I expected. However after 18 hours (overnight), I awoke to see that not only was the redness still there but a discoloured scab exactly where I had used the wax strip. After a cool shower, the redness went but there is still now an 'orangey coloured scab thing' and an obvious scab in one folical where it did bleed a little. It is very sore and irritated, I now have nappy-rash-cream on it which was recommended by my mother and seems to be soothing my discomfort a little. I have tried bleaching before, which turned the skin a little red but went after an hour or so.
What is this and why did it happen?
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are you female?  was it around the time of your montly cycle?  is your skin sensitive?  have you been using any products that contain aha's or bha's or even retin a?  it sounds like you may have even taken some skin off.  there is a lotion you can use or even talc or vit e oil to put on skin first.  then apply wax and pull off.  maybe go and have this done by an aesthetician in the future and if they are well qualified they will take the best precautions to avoid hurting you.  if your skin is just way too sensitive i would suggest bleach but that can also hurt your skin if you are really that sensitive.  
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I think its likely I took some skin off, Il let the proffessionals do it next time! Thanks for the advice! I went to see my pharmacist and they gave me aloevera gel which has soothed it. I do have quite sensitive skin, but bleaching has always been fine for me in the past I am female and am quite young. I have been using a pescribed cream that contains peroxide too which may be something to do with it . Thanks again :)
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