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Facial Waxing Reaction

I recently got my upper lip waxed and I got an allergic reaction. It was all red and bumpy but after some prescribed medicine from my doctor the redness is gone. But there still is a color difference between the affected area and my skin color. Benadryl had only worked in the beginning but isn't now.  What should I do? And how long will it take for it all to clear up?
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This may well go away on its own (?)
But you could try Vitamin E oil. Break open a Vitamin E capsule, and use the oil, and rub it in well about twice or three times a day.
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It depends on how long it's been since the wax day and now? I've done waxing all over on myself and my friends, never had that happen because I am careful not to pull 'up' on the strip but rather to the side so as not to irritate the skin. Who did the wax? It sounds like you had more than the first skin layer ripped off which would explain the coloration difference. I would put some light layer of vitamin E cream or even Vitamin E liquid (from actual vitamins) to speed healing cells. It will probably fade with time but I would not wear any base foundation make up. (I know that *****) If you went to someone else to wax you, never return to them because that's too extreme of a reaction, and it's not necessarily 'all' your sensitivity. Sounds like a bad wax technique!!
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i got it waxed on june 30 and the affected area still hasn't cleared up (its been 4 days!)
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Sometimes people react differently to waxes and certain waxes. Have you ever waxed there before? If not then I suppose because it's so sensitive it just reacted this way.

It may go away but you can try aloe or vitamin e to soothe and heal up that area.

I know too that when skin is removed from an area it can look lighter so if that's the care you can use a light tinted moisturizer to blend the skin until it gets the colour of the rest of your face.
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What is the best wax to purchase to do this at home? Is it safe, anyone know?
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