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First facial - advice

Hello, I really hope you can help me.

Today I had my first facial ever. I had become concered with my skin now I'm in my late 20's and wanted to make sure I looked after it, the place I chose said they would give honest and helpful advice in skincare routine etc. They had great reviews and the person was highly trained plus the website seemed very friendly and seemed concerned about customers, not pushing products and focusing on what was right for customers.
When I got there they gave me a skin exam,they told me a lot of awful things about my skin and that my skin care routine was not good. I was shocked as I cleanse (with a little soft rubber face scrub), tone and moisturise my face twice daily using day cream, night cream and eye cream (Body Shop range), plus I use bio yogurt on my face each evening (my mum taught me this) and sensitive facial scrub once a week and hydrating sheet masks twice a week.

They said my skin was super dry like a shell around my nose and cheeks, that my eye area was really thin and not looked after, as it was too dark and lined for someone my age. I was so upset by this as I had become concerned about my eyes as I age and worried about a few lines getting worse under my eyes and I've always had dark circles and wanted to see if I could lessen them other than ways I'd heard (just to clear that up it's one or two lines under my eyes like creases that I think I've had since I can remember and I've always had bad dark circles since I was a kid)
Although I've always worried about these creases as I can be a bit of a worrier sometimes my friends told me this was normal and they couldn't notice it, only airbrushed people had perfectly smooth under eyes but the facial people telling me that it was bad just made me so upset and self conscious that it looks awful and old.

The facial I had hurt so much, it felt like they were sanding my face off! Plus they used electric currents and needles to get out whitheads and blackheads I had around my nose and eyes, I wouldn't have minded so much but they never told me what they were doing or going to do or how it was meant to help, nothing was explained and I felt really lost and surprised by each thing they did. Even now a few hours later my face is tender and sore and my ears are ringing from the electric stuff they used. Afterwards I felt so scared that my skin was bad that I bought over £130 skincare from them that they said would help, only two things though for £130 (serum and face cream)! I can't afford it and after I came out I cried (lame I know) because I felt stupid for spending so much and being scared. Luckily my boyfriend made me take it back a short time later. But now I'm still really scared about my skin and routine, is it really that awful? I don't know what to do and I'm so worried about my eye area, that I'm not using the right cream and that I'm not cleaning my skin properly to remove dead cells. I always scrub gently but I've been told many times by friends and blogs online that you should never scrub too hard. It's really made me upset, I want to do the best for my skin and treat it properly but I'm so confused. I would be so happy for your advice. I felt a bit self conscious before this but also felt I was being a bit too harsh on myself, now I feel like I look worse than I even imagined

I'd also like advice on dealing with places that do facials, what should I look out for, how can I tell somewhere is good and how can I get honest advice on my skin without them scaring me into buying their stuff?
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