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Glutathione Pill/Tablet and Skin Whitening/Lightening

How come most US dermatologists and other health practitioners aren't aware of the skin whitening side effect from Glutathione supplementation? It has been used for decades and even administered to people with low immune and people of neurodegenerative disorder. It seems they are a few science journals and studies that suggest the relation between Glutathione and Tyrosinase Enzyme.

Here are some of the journals:
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because that is the purpose of Glutathione, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and immune booster, skin lightening is a side effect and not a direct reaction from using Glutathione. And individuals like you esp. from the Philippines, sees this as an opportunity to make money...Nice!
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I believe I do not need any of your petty info about Gluta because I know better than you and thats for sure. Why dont you promote your birthmark scar from other dimensions. I dont think I like your undertones. Opportunity to make money? Havent you experience earning money doing real work and legitimate business? For sure not. I understand your bitterness having a 9-5 job with a salary of a factory worker. For christ's sake get a life and quit your cynic attitude, it makes you uglier.

I gave a very decent question and so Im expecting the same answer and not a pathetic one from a desperate person.

Good day to you  
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hi am not happy with my color.can gluta make my skin white and light.
i have an asian skin which is not competative to others specially to the westerns.can you please give me a advice of this?

marvin of UK thanks
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very much agree with Melee 100%.The phillipinos are good in making money and yeah there's an opportunity now with Glutathione since whitening is a big "craze" in the Phillipines.It's a surprise that u mentioned "christ" in yr reply,didn't the bible quote to be grateful for what you are and given...?By the way,most of the fake Glutathione are from the Phillipines,so please don't be proud of yrself or yr company.Thats why there is many unemployed Phillipinos who are just wasting time to be white...sad.
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