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Hair removal and itchy/patchy skin

Hi everyone! My problem is, no matter what method of hair removal I use (waxing, shaving, epilation, depilation), my skin becomes uncontrollably itchy. I end up scrating so much that I get red patches all over my skin (legs and arms). Scratching is worse when the hair starts to grow back, the pores on my skin get blocked and I often end up with bumps and in-growths. I also avoid threading my face for the same reason. I have tried many different creams and talked to lots of women, but nothing helps. I have recently started getting pretty depressed because of it because my husband finds it very annoying ( I dont blame him, I cant help scratching sometimes even when we have sex!) I have decided to see a dermatologist but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced such a thing and if so, what did they do about it?
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hey, i fink i have a hormone inbalance becoz i'm loosin hair on my head and am growing on my inside thighs and my abdominal under my belly button. I wax but i do experience pimples and da itchin. ders number of fins u can try. you can buy n electrolysis does cost abit. lazer hair removal is da most effective but does cost
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There could be several reasons for this (I myself have the same problem). Due to the continued irritation even after changing methods and products, I think that the likely cause of your condition may be due to dry skin or eczema and probably sensitive skin to top all that off. I agree with the previous comment about laser hair removal, as the itching is probably due to the hairs pricking against your skin as it grows out. If this is not the option, I suggest exfoliation every day, intensive moisturization sessions twice a day (more if needed), and better hydration (drink more water). Tiger Balm and Kwan Loong Medicated Oil can rid of the itching for several hours (differing person to person). The contents of the balm are as follows: Camphor, Dementholized Mint Oil, Cajuput Oil, Menthol, Clove Oil, Paraffin and Petrolatum. As for the oil: Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, Spike Lavender Oil, Chloroform and Light Liquid Paraffin (the oil personally works better, though it numbs it out quite a bit). If you are allergic to the above, I suggest plain tea tree oil. If everything still persists, SEE A DERMATOLOGIST!
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See for a dermatologist is the best thing to do.
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     i have same condition with my skin sumtimes,i went to dermatologists they do nthing with that expt they advice iching cream or anti fungal cream for temporary relief...even i ve observed that my skin becum black after hair removal:(:( im depressed.....
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