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okay so i had a ingrown hair on june 11th .. i popped it june 14th because i had a party to go to one the 17th anyway it didn't fully pop or anything and it was a open wound IDK WHY BUT I THOUGH O TOOTHPASTE OVER NIGHT WILL WORK LIKE A IDIOT not only one night but 3 never did i see redness until a couple days later when it got really dark and purple .. so i let it heal on the 17th when i was getting ready i guess it scabed up and my beauty blender pulled the scab off .. i didn't think anything of it it seamed as my cuts on my face always do like it was going to heal fine it is now july 7 and it's a dark mark now this looks very weird because my skin is super clear and i have one really dark spot that is guessing is obiously a chemical burn scar ? i put aloe vera on last night do you think it will ever go away please help me !!!
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Toothpaste is never a great idea for skin since it can cause burns. However, it sounds like the darkening is just a sort of scarring the healing process has left behind, rather than a scar due to burning. With time, it may fade away more. You could also try an anti-pigmentation or scar gels etc. A dermatologist may be the best to suggest something.

Aloe vera gel (pure) is great with reducing scars.

All the best!

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