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I'm 22 and still have acne. Any suggestions would be awesome.

I suppose 22 isn't too old to be complaining about acne; but, I feel rather embarrassed to be at this age that I should be blossoming into a young woman and instead, I feel like a 16 year old. I don’t like putting heavy makeup on to cover my face. I don’t expect to be flawless, but at least not red and bumpy all over my face. My shoulders break out pretty bad, too.

So… I have had acne for so long that I do not remember a time that I have not looked like this. I started birth control when I was 16 and have been on it since. The birth control did help my acne a little bit, but not to the level I would like. My mother used to take me to a dermatologist, whom prescribed various things that either did nothing or worked too well that it caused me severe pain. I’ve tried various facial scrubs, all were either worthless or helped for a little bit before my skin adapted and it stopped working. Now that the health care laws have changed, I cannot afford to go to a dermatologist.

I’ve tried natural remedies, such as honey, and still got nowhere. I’ve had a lot of people suggest changing my diet. Unfortunately, I’m a college student who lives in a trailer. I can’t afford to meddle with food right now. If changing my diet is the best option, and I’m essentially doomed, than lay it on me. If you have a suggestion I haven’t tried, I’d love to hear it. Thank you.
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try the aloe vera soaps/face wash for long run. It has helped me and it suited me.
Yeah, aloe vera face wash is best for acne and it will suit all type of skins very easily.
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Try to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide but it can dry ur face so after that try using a moisturizer like coconut oil! You do need to change your diet because bad diets DO effect your body in a terrible way... When I had a fully organic diet with lots of fruits vegetables smoothies juices and water my skin was so flawless and also my hair
Probiotics are amazing
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You can use some facial care such as coconut oil or green tea powder. This will work to reduce inflammation and acne
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