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Laser Hair removal

My daughter has more than desired hair on face and body.  We are contemplating getting laser hair removal.  We heard that getting laser done close to an opening on the body like navel, vagina, etc. there is a possibility of infertility.

Is it true ?
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Er, this sounds like an old wives tale to me!  I've had laser treatment for hair removal and while it works a bit it isnt necessarily permanent like they say. Don't get your hopes up and look up different laser machines on WHICH? website. It pays to do your homework and also wait for whatever company you choose to be offering a discount. I personally have learnt to live with my body hair and my husband is fine with that. I would still do my face though as that is hard to cope with. I wish your daughter happiness.
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I too would like to try Laser treatment. I suffer from the same problem as your daughter (my body and face) and I understand it is very upsetting. I haven't learnt to live with hair yet and don't think I want to- it is very undermining to self-confidence. I found waxing was a good solution on my body but not on my face as it became very irritated. It last about 4 weeks, which is enough to be worth the pain!
Yes lasering isn't necessarily permanent but can be after a few sessions and certainly lasts the longest. However I heard it can cause pock-marking or some scarring in some cases. Look it up on the internet and I wouldn't worry too much about it. Tell me how it goes if she decides to do it! All the best to your daughter :)
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I paid over 1000 Dollars for a year of laser on my chin and lip/  One treatment a month.  It completely failed,  Did nothing

What next I have read about Chromalite? Is this the same, please advise. I nearly need to shave now like a guy
I'm a woman!

Any ideas (except get a job in a circus)
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Have you considered electrolysis?  Done by a professional, you can get good results.  Just make sure the person doing it is trained and good.  I don't know if there are any certifying organizations... I would do research.  But the results can be permanent, unlike laser, and it works on light-colored hair and light skin, while most hair-removal lasers do better with dark hair.

I would recommend asking for a numbing cream or gel to apply first, under plastic wrap, to numb the areas first.  Both are a little uncomfortable to mildly painful.

Another idea for above the lip fine hair is to bleach it.  I tried laser there, but my hair is too light and it didn't work, so I just bleach it lighter.  It's fine for me.
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tell me about this in jaipur
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I have hair on my upper lip, chin, stomach and belly. When it really started to bother me, I jumped into laser hair removal right away and spend a lot of money getting it done. Now after a series of very painful treatments, I still have the hair and because of the shaving it is actually worse. I'm not saying don't do laser hair removal, a lot of people have had success with it but just remember when you think of the investment there is a chance it won't work.

Best of Luck!
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