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Now my skin feels chalky is the skin barrier damaged can i repair it

So i just turned 14 this April, And i was looking at my skin after my birthday. I realized how drastically it changed. When i was around 10 my skin was beginning to breakout as i was going through puberty. Of course as every young girl goes through. They feel self conscious of themselves and they feel unpretty as they've been called ugly at least once in their life. So i wanted to do something about it, i had a bunch of bumps all over my forehead and sometimes it would spread to my cheek and jawline. My mother invested in a cheap cleanser for me and it didn't work. I would say my skin type was just normal, it was just my hormones going out of balance as i was still growing. But then, one night while watching anime i really wated to do something about my skin so i went into my grandmothers bathroom and went into her cabinet. There was a product in there by the name of mary kay, it had said something about wrinkles and exfoliator, i cant remember clearly it was 4 years ago but what i remember is my skin was kinda at it's best it was at its normal complexion and i had no breakouts or fine lines whats so ever my skin felt bouncy. Then ever since then, i have become obsessed with skin care and what i put on my skin. Then after when the product was done i didn't put anything else on my face as my skin wasn't breaking out. Then i had moved away from that house, and i didn't have any supply of mary kay no more so then when i moved i found a new product in my house called norexma. This worked drastically for my skin, My skin had never felt so good and at its best. i only had a few fine lines and that had only happened cause i out on my makeup awkward, but i didn't break out and my skin was glowing literally. Now this was the norexma original formula. I left it on for the whole night as a cream then i washed it off in the morning sometimes, but it would leave my skin so fresh and smooth. it was the best product for me, then it happened again. i ran out of the product.  i had zero access to the product keep in mind cause my mom doesn't just buy things for my skin as shes afraid i will mess it up. i then depended on natural things. Yes natural acidic things that everyone says works, don't do it. your face will all off. [Lemons, baking soda. apple cider vinegar. etc tumeric] i used that everyday, eventually my skin turned dark, and my nose turned black from me attempting to squeeze out the whiteheads and blackheads in them, i was pretty sure i damaged my skin and that's why i now have so many sebcaus filaments in my nose. But i sued this for a good year and two, My mother told me not to put anything on my skin but i didn't listen. i've tried to use products but now i'm thinking of going back to my norexma, cause I even bought this Aztec healing clay and nope. it ain't working. now my skin feels chalky and dry and rough, i've tried shae butter and olive oil. So i just think i've destroyed my skins natural barrier? Can i get it back? i'm scared. And should i go back to just using my norexma? and also how do i reduce the look of all these sebcause filaments.
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