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Permenant Tan

Hi. Im a Sri Lankan living in Saudi Arabia. It gets really hot and sunny in here during the summer and the UV Index is immense. 12! I was born pretty fair. I got it from my Dad. My mom is kinda tanned but to the dark side. My question is obviously living here, I got really tanned. I leave home a lot and also in home there are lots of windows. And I have a pool outside. I swim a lot and used to as a kid and almost never use sunscreen. Like very rarely. My feet are really fair though. Like my natural born colour because I always wear shoes outside. I become a more fairer during the Winters but I would like to know if I can ever get my natural born colour back. Or has my colour become Permenant due to constant Sun exposure all my life. Im turning 18 next week btw. So yeah. 18 years of sun damage :D
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I can speak for people of the Indian subcontinent - we have a variety of skin colours that are prone to tan. Our skin colour also kinda changes throughout. I notice a change in my skin colour as I grow older, but not drastically. Problem  with tan is that it's not that easy to get rid of it, especially if you keep up activities such as swimming in daylight in an outdoors pool.

I doubt if your skin colour has CHANGED permanently, but if you were to give up say, swimming for a few months and see if it gets back to normal. Or use bleach?

I acquired a tan in January from the beach which is still pretty much there 6 months later.
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