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Piercing Rejecting - Can I take it out myself?

My belly ring is DEFINITELY rejecting...at first I wasn't sure because it started after I changed to a dangly one so I wasn't sure if the line behind it was just from the extra weight or if it was migrating.  Well I didn't really look at it again for a month or so and when I did I realized it was just hanging on by a tiny little flap of skin =(  [sorry i know it's gross]

i know if you take it out it can form an abscess, but I don't understand what other options there are?  What would a piercer do?  Is it too late to try to change it back to the ones I didn't have problems with?
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I have my Bellybutton pierced as well, i think you should go back to the person who pierced it first day, because looking at mine the skin is very deep around the piercing so i know it will not fall off, i have changed mine loads of times every weekend to dangling or plain and it makes no difference, i think you should def get your one checked out because it will leave a scar in the end if you have to take it out... you could try to change it back to the plain one that you had on it first day to see will that make a difference which it might, and clean all the area very well to keep away more infections coming..
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It depends. I have my bellybutton done.. and after a pregnancy mine was like that. after loosing the weight it is still thin and i just use a smaller one in length.. still dangles
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it could have to do with the weight of the bar - I have many, many...many piercings and I've found that sometimes a heavy bar can move the piercing if you leave it in for long enough (I have every space on my ears pierced and it happened to my top right piercing)
Def go back to the people who did for you or see your doctor.

Otherwise, yeah...try switching to the old one and keeping it clean with warm saltwater because the disenfectants on the markets are complete and utter ****. But if it doesn't work, just wait for it to fully heal before going to get it done again if you want to
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it seems like it's migrating, and as long as it's not infected you can take it out, but you might want to check with your piercer first.
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if you're worried about an abcess (sp?) forming, just take little capsuls of vitamin E and rub it on the piercing every day, i think that'll help.
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