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Puffy Eyelids

I recently (approx 6 weeks) noticed a lump on my eylid, when it didn't go down I went to the Drs - he said it was a stye and gave me an antibiotic. After two weeks, with no noticable change, I revisited the Dr who said that it would need to be cut out. This was not an option, I tried accupuncture which seemed to relieve the situation, the accupunturist noted that stress was a likely cause. My eye seemed to be less puffy and sore for 5-6 days.
On Christmas morning, yesterday, I woke only to find my eye was extremely swollen and sore, with very dry and itchy skin, when pulling the lid out a little to check the eye I noticed I have white pimples in the inside of the lids (the styes).
Yesterday I bathed my eye in very diluted luke wam salty water and then dabbed a small amount of lucas paw paw ointment on it. I finally felt a bit of relief and my eyelid is now nearly back to normal. The small styes are still there but at least my eyelid is not poking out like I have squeezed a golf ball under my lid.
Word of warning, about 3 months ago I started using eye make up remover....big mistake, prior to that I would just use a tiny bit of sorbelene on a cotton ball. I really think I have caused the damage by using the eye makeup remover x stress. Just a thought :-)
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Wow, glad to read it is finally getting back to normal!  Whenever I had a stye, my Grandma would put used warm teabags on my eyelids - it worked wonders, you should try that as well :)  I wonder if it was the makeup remover.  I have troubles everytime I change eye makeup.  Good luck to you!
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Nice to know that your eyes are getting back to normal. Take care
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