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Question of the Month: June / July 2013

What's your favorite beauty product and why? This is a great way to share your thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers. Looking forward to hearing what you love and why!
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My favorite beauty product is a good shower, some lotion, deoderant, and some perfume. :-)  I am a simple person who does not go for much in the way of 'products'.  You might call me a minimalist in this way.  I do not wear make up at all.  But I do like to 'play dress-up' inthe morning after my shower.  I enjoy picking out my clothes for the day, and choosing jewelry to match.  BTW, my head is shaved completely bald, just because I like it that way.  So, appearing very feminine is important as well as enjoyable.  I have people tell me that I am 'exotically beautiful' , which just makes my day.  My mom hates me being bald, and I had to tell her it's not her hair. :-)  Blessings - Blu
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When it comes to beauty products the natural look is always a good goal. As we age our skin needs a little extra help. Ive been using those high end facial creams. The ones by LaMer, Sisiley and Natura Besse. These are unisex creams and can really help getting the skin soft and wrinkle free. Crows feet, neck and eye areas. They are a bit pricey but the results are amazing.
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Thanks for sharing your comments with us. They're helpful for our community members.   Everyone is welcome to continue answering this thread, as well as look for new questions each month!


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