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What can be done to stop my Excessive Jawline Acne - WITH PICTURES

Well I was GOING to post pictures, but now I realize that's not possible. I wish I could because I need to show someone how this terrible affliction is marring my otherwise beautiful face. I've suffered from mild breakouts around corners of mouth, mostly just resulting in a bumpy texture... and occasionally I break out with a cyst of some sort around my hairline - usually before my period. But this is severe; multiple new eruptions appearing daily at the edge of my jawline on both sides of my face. It's apparently a sign of massive inflammation, but due to what? I AM pregnant. But it seems like this is perhaps caused by something deeper. Toxins coming out or else I'm infecting the area due to some habit - I occasionally rest my face on my palm, or perhaps my pillow case? I only wash linens once every two weeks. I'm desperate to figure out a solution; some way that will bring an end to this plague of lesions that seem more typical of something I'd imagine affecting a bubonic plague victim.
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Here's the link to a pic -
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Hi Steele I can understand your concern and yes acne hurts a lot and it will totally affect our face. Do you wash your regularly? at least twice a day will do and you have to use some trusted cleansers that are available in online regularly in order to avoid this problems. I  recently bought a product and its working well if you need any help am here to help you out.
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