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Englis isn't my first language- so I got bit confused :p - you guys are useing a lot of abbreviation (like TTC etc).
I'll be verry thankfull :)!!!
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SRY- wrong community and I don't know how to delete a post :(?
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The abbreviation TTC means "trying to conceive."  If you are reading in one of the forums that deals largely with children and women's health, many of the abbreviations will be related to reproduction issues.  There is a very complete list of abbreviations at www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/view.php?pg=acronyms
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FRER ~ First Response Early Result, as in a home pregnancy test
CD ~ Cycle day
TTC ~ Trying To Conceive
O ~ Ovulation
O'd ~ Ovulated
OPK's ~ Ovulation Predictor Kit
SSBD ~ Sending Some Baby Dust
HHNM/HH9M ~ Happy Healthy 9 Months
DH ~ Dearest Hubby
DS ~ Dearest Son
DD ~ Dearest Daughter
2WW/TWW ~ 2 Week Wait
AF ~ Aunt Flow as in your period
FX/FC ~ Fingers Crossed
BFP ~ Big Fat Positive
BFN ~ Big Fat Negative
CM ~ Cervical Mucus
EWCM ~ Egg White Cervical Mucus
BBT ~ Basal Body Temp
BD ~ Baby Dance as in make love
DPO ~ Days Past Ovulation
HPT ~ Home Pregnancy Test
TMI ~ Too Much Info
BC ~ Birth Control
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