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I am 35.I need very fast skin renewal tips.
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the only one I have heard of is Botox injections ..ask a dermatologist
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Regularly scrub your skin. While it does not necessarily strip away the dead surface layers of the skin, it can help slough off dead skin cells and unwanted gunk on the surface of your skin. It will also eventually encourage the renewal of skin tissues. If you are looking for a more effective scrub, you might want to try using natural treatments. Make your own.

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Make a healthy diet. You need to get in loads of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Drink a lot of water as it helps to keep hydrated, ensures excellent cell functioning, and helps with detoxification.
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Vitamin A retinol everyday 2 times topically and take it orally as well
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Not much information to go on.... 35 doesn't mean anything - you could look young or old, have good skin or bad, etc.  But, if you want skin renewal, you could start by examining your skin care routine.  Follow the KISS method (Keep it Simple, Silly) and get a good, mild cleanser that is fragrance free.  I would recommend L'Oreal 360 Clean for sensitive skin, unless you have extremely allergen prone or sensitive skin, then try to find something that has gentle ingredients or "milk" in the title (those tend to be extremely mild).

At night:

Cleanse your face with a gentle massaging motion for 10-30 seconds.  It will feel like an eternity, but you will increase circulation and it helps slough off dead skin.  Rinse with water that is not HOT, but just warm.  Pat dry with a clean towel or washcloth.

Immediately apply moisturizer and massage this in through your eyebrows, as well (to moisturize that area).  Again, choose a fragrance free moisturizer with no SPF.  Let this absorb into skin before going to sleep, maybe 10-20 minutes.

In the morning:
Use the same cleanser to wash eyes, nose, chin area (t-zone of face) for 10 seconds or so, mostly just to "wash away the sleep".  Don't scrub, just gently massage and let the cleanser do the work.  Rinse, pat dry.

Moisturize with a daily SPF.  If you have oily skin (i.e. your skin gets an oily sheen within an hour of cleansing), then you can skip moisturizer if your foundation has an SPF.  If you don't wear foundation, don't skip the SPF because that will offer skin protection.

Don't overload your face with products - nothing will erase wrinkles, you can only stave them off with healthy living, good diet, and a simple but effective skin care routine.  Moisturizers will temporarily plump the skin, but mostly what they do is protect you from further harm.  

Wrinkle erasers?  Rubbish, and lies.  At best, they will temporarily plump your skin.  At worst, they add toxic chemicals to your face without really doing you any lasting good.  

Do you need a separate eye cream?  Only if your main moisturizer does not work on your eyes.  If you get one that is fragrance free and no SPF, if it is well forumlated you can use it on your eyes.  Do this only at night - during the day, don't moisturize the eyes.  

Finally, you can visit a day spa for a facial and chemical peel.  This type of treatment will help unclog pores (which makes them look smaller, though pores don't grow and shrink, they just get filled with gunk or expressed) and plump your skin with steam and moisturizers.  It's a good starting point for taking care of your skin, but NOT a cure-all.  Don't buy the products they shill at day spas, they are generally fragranced and not terribly great for your skin.  

Think about exfoliation, which starts to become more necessary as we get older.  It's very easy - just get baking soda and make a paste with water, then massage this onto your face.  You can also do this with uncoated aspirin tablets, which also act as a mild chemical peel due to the salicylic acid.  Either way, the grittiness of the soda/aspirin is a physical exfoliant and will help scrape off dead skin.  Leave this on your face for a few minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly.  Your skin will feel amazing afterwards.  Moisturize immediately for best effect - your moisturizer will probably suck right down into your pores!  Doing this once a week can help.  If you have very dry skin, two or three times a week will help.

I hope this helps.  Sorry for the novel!

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