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repulsive odor on scalp

My husband, a very neat person on his body, has an odor on his scalp.  He is bald and I wondered what can be done about this repulsive smell.  The pillows must be discarded regularly and his headwear reeks. I have a feeling that it has to do with the oils secreted form the follicles.
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does he wash his hair/scalp in the shower everyday??? i know some people don't (YUCK!!!!) to prevent 'hairloss' which just adds more to it at the end.....
Maybe it'll help to buy a nice fragranced soap (like dove) to wash it???
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First, get some Pepto-Bismal and RUB it in. Then rinse. Wait and hour and do it again. The Bismuth (active agent) is bactricidal.  Then rinse. Wait an hour and get a bactrical ointment and rub it on thoroughly every day for a week. The best product for this was brand named "Phisohex", but it is now available by prescription only.  This may not work, but it worth a try. Odor is often cauwed bylow-grade bacterial or fungal infections.
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I know what you mean I think its the oils in the skin and sweat. lots  of bathing.
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I already posted in another topic, so this a copy and paste:

WHAT WORKED FOR ME: I had the same odor coming from my scalp.. tried it all- tea trea oil, acv, coconut oil, medicated shampoos, etc. One thing is working for me is CITRONELLA oil. First I applied it every night for 3 nights and this cleared the odor. However the odor came back after a week so obviously whatever infection was on my scalp wasnt killed completely. Now I apply the citronella every 4 days and will continue to do so for a month. the citronella itself is found at pharmacies (its famous as an insect repellent, and remedy for lice in kids). hope this helps.

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