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Why did God create evil at all, what does the bible say?

I've always wondered why God decided to create evil at all.  Does the bible discuss anywhere?  As the creator of all things, I've always wondered why Satan was introduced and evil was created.  
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"Free Will" is the choice of each person born into this World.  "Free Will" gives each of Us a choice: to Accept God's Free Gift of Salvation or to refuse it, sounds simple, huh.  

Satan was given a choice, himself, to Accept Jesus Christ or not to.  Satan decided, though he was an angel, a creation of God, that he was equal to God, that he would not accept that Jesus Christ was "above him", because of this, Satan lost his place in Heaven (along with angels who chose to follow Satan).  

"Free Will" is not a choice of living with God, or living with Satan.  

"Free Will" is a choice (by Accepting God's Free Gift of Salvation) to live for Eternity, with God (in Heaven), OR to live for Eternity outside or away from the presence of God, (in Heaven) where there will be torment and gnashing of teeth.
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Thanks for sharing Socrates.  It's just always been interesting to me that evil such as we see on Earth exists at all with such a wonderful God.  

While I understand free will----  I do wonder about horrible things happening to good people.  I wonder why those who have exercised their free will and do not believe in God have what seems to be fairly normal, good  lives.  And many of them don't seem evil at all!  

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