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I recall this group was taken care of by "myown" I can see April in the group a member then. can any body tell who is the new moderator ?
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I am not sure there is one.  ?  

Would you be interested in posting here again?  I am thinking of asking some friends to join me here to post on the subject of the bible.  Friendly discussions with no judgment for one's beliefs.  
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In the first instance, I appreciate your effort to take an initiative to give a bit of life to this group.

Secondly, in the beginning every discussion is friendly but towards its ending most times, OMG ! and sometimes people just pretend to be friendly while the heat can be sensed.

What I want to say is if you feel like being called for to seriously serve the Lord by telling/teaching people His Gospel/Bible through  healthy discussions, then you'll have to give your time and act as moderator to maintain good environment and  lessen the tension and heat that may arise during discussions.

Glad to know that you are thinking of asking friends to join here.

I would certainly do my little best to water this plant of " biblical analysis" once planted by my sister/teacher, myown !!!!!!
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