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Nose blockage with significant discharge

I am a 73 years old, has been suffering lately from sever nose blockage preventing me from breathing normally, causing overall fatigue and tiredness. I will not be able to walk for more than 50 yards, i will have to stop and try to catch my breath. this developed couple of months back.
along with the nose blockage, i spend a good 40 minutes in bathroom cleaning my nose from discharge, it comes out significantly. I do not have any headache or pain. after clearing my nose, it takes less than an hour for it to get blocked again and i have to wait half a day before it ease out as discharge and then spend another 30-45 minutes clearing my nose.
seen several doctors but with no luck, tried different medicine but the symptoms still prevailing.
what could cause such symptoms? any advise? and how can i describe it best to the doctor?
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