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Abilify – Drowsiness or Gives More Energy?

My psychiatrist would like to change me from Seroquel to Abilify because Seroquel makes me feel very drowsy. I have read different things about Abilify but the most confusing bit is that some people report drowsiness while others report that they have increased energy and sometimes can't fall asleep. Which is it?
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Just like any other medicine- Abilify will have a different effect depending on the person; the episode a person is in, the type of depression a person deals with, or even personality traits.
It definitely can make you drowsy although it may not.  As far as giving you energy, I have never seen that happen.  If it works in conjunction with whatever else you take or do for your depression than energy will come but I have never personally seen it happen to where I could say that the level of energy went up as an immediate effect of the Abilify.
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We don't all have the dame chemical imbalances or mental ailments.. for example, a person with ADHD uses Adderall to calm down where as college students without ADHD use it for speed - to keep them focused. Or in my experience.. I have watched people take benzos & nod out, while I actually needed them & they gave me energy making me talk alot lol. Medications are different for everyone.
Lareina, I did say that medications are different for everyone. you may have read my post out of context somewhere. I want to give you a chance to explain why you're so upset. and if there's anything we can do for you. However, I want you to understand that we are trying to be supportive here. But I hope you're aware you are on the bipolar forum. The people who come here have bipolar disorder or a friend or family member that has bipolar disorder and they're looking for help. and you're right and saying that everybody that I have a chemical imbalance especially when severe enough to be diagnosed as bipolar but it is real and I have it and I have had it for a long time and it has made my life very challenging but I manage the best I can and I come here to share my experience I understand medication is an emotional thing and watching people take them can be hard especially if they're addicted. Prescription medicine is one of the leading problems we have now. It has been progressing from my experience since the late 90s in early into the new millennium. Pain medication benzos now fentanyl patches nerve medicine headache medicine Suboxone. basically they have a medication for everybody and the new DSM honestly if you look at it the DSM 5 compared to the DSM 4 which is the I see the book of diagnosis they've had a lot more into that. So true we can't say that everybody has a chemical imbalance or a mood disorder that basically everybody can look in there and find something about their self and get diagnosed and get medicine. Anyway I looked at your post and it made me think of you feel strongly about something. However again you just find your way to the bipolar form and the introduction that you read applies to people who have bipolar disorder not everybody. hope you understand, have a good day. Already
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