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Abilify Thoughts?

Ok. I went to the doctor. he is having me try Abilify. I stopped taking my Zyprexa because of what it did to my weight, triglycerides, as well as my blood pressure. When i went off of it, after a few months, my levels are just starting to go back to normal. Anyways, i am taking 10 mg of Lexapro, and 450 of Lamectal, and he said that he felt that i should try Abilify. He made a small under his breathe note that my insurance may not cover it. i didnt understand what he meant, and he said it was because of the cost, so i am not sure i am really going to take it. tomarrow i am going to go back to his office and ask for a sample before i actually go to the pharmacy and fork out money i dont really have. I want to know what people think of this pill before i take action.
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I take Abilify and it works very well for me. It pulled me out of the last bit of depression. It is covered by my insurance but the cash price is about $700 a month. It is pricey. If it wasn't covered by my insurance I would not be able to take it. I would call my pharmacy and ask if it is covered before asking for samples. If you can't afford to buy it then it doesn't matter if it helps - you won't be able to take it. Hope it's covered by your insurance.
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Hey, i called my pharmacy and found out that one of my insurances would cover it. The only thing is, i would have to pay a little over $100 out of pocket. So, the pharmacy made a print out of equivalent medications that are cheaper, and they are calling my doctor to see if he would be willing to make a switch. So, now i am waiting to find out what happens next. Thank you for the comment.
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Works pretty good for where I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder for my psychotic symptoms and negative symptoms but it made me gain a significant amount of weight.
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I'm on Lamictal (200mg) and Abilify (5mg).
I've been on dozens of med combos, and this one has definitely worked the best for me. I don't notice any side effects from the Abilify, but I know a few people who get minor/more tolerable side effects, such as dry mouth...
I was very assertive with my pdoc when I told him I DID NOT want to be on any medications that would cause weight gain, as I am also recovering from an ED. My weight has been healthy & stable for over a year, which is also when I was put on the Lamictal-Abilify combo.

*side note*
As for cost, I'm uninsured, so I get my medications & see a pdoc at a local mental health clinic. It's based on income. I'm a student & part-time worker, and I typically pay $10 for the Dr. visit and get my meds for free. (Even my "brand name" abilify!) I'm not saying to run to your nearest public mental health clinic, but if $$ is an issue it's comforting to know there are options out there. It's worth considering, even if you have insurance, because they dispense the medications at the clinic (skipping the pharmacy), so you save on cost. I've tried so many different medications, and for some reason only one of the most expensive ones works well for me.

Good Luck!
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I started taking  2mg about 2 months ago and I feel more at peace now. No racing thoughts. I actually also lost weight. The side effects I had were not too bad. Restless leg and some headaches. But all in all I think it's wonderful.
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