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Adding Wellbutrin to Zoloft

I started taking Zoloft 50mg 3 months ago and have felt a tremendous positive change in my life. I feel 'back to normal' and am happy and not 'in my head' all of the time anymore.

Zoloft makes me extremely sleepy and also I have gained weight while taking it so my doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin SR 150mg to take with the Zoloft. I started the Wellbutrin yesterday and was fine throughout the day until evening came. I felt all of a sudden that I was back to being 'in my head' again and all of the problems I had before taking Zoloft came back full force. I realize that medication takes time and I took the second pill of Wellbutrin this moring along with taking the 50mg Zoloft last night before bed.

I want to know if this is just happening because I just started taking the new med or is it something that I am going to have to deal with? If so, I would much rather be sleepy all the time and happy with just taking Zoloft. Then energized and sad with the addition of Wellbutrin.
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well im not a doctor so i wouldnt know. but you should definately tell ur doctor about it and see what he or she has to say. because u definately dont wanna be going through any of your old problems again
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I would give it a week and if you are still having issues then make an emergency appointment with your psychiatrist. If you start having really bad issues - thoughts of suicide more than usual - get in ASAP.
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Welburtrin is known for a "speeding effect" but as your body adjust it should mellow out.  As far as messing up your head, some people just cannot take Welbutrin without negative side effects.  I've tried Welbutrin a few times and I always feel worse plus it shoots my blood pressure really high.  However, alot of people do really good on Welbutrin.
Personally if it were me, I may try it again and if I had negative results, I would stay away from it and ask your doctor for something else....but that's my opinion.
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