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Am I Bipolar or just moody?

I feel like I may be bipolar as I will feel so hyper and happy and sometimes the littlest things cause a mood shift then I'm just nothing like I don't know how else to describe the feeling.
I hate talking about it like it makes me feel weak and stupid and I brought it up once to my mom sorta it was at a doctors appointment and I kinda just blurted it out and it was automatically shut down and when I got home my mother got mad at me about just saying it because she never knew and it was like I was "backstabbing" her and she tried talking to me about it but I just didn't know how to explain it to her.
hoping someone here can shed some light as to whether or not I may have and I know I should get professional help but that's not an option for me right now.
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BPD 2 here,
Your age is a very important factor in diagnosing BPD. For example, teenagers are often misdiagnosed with Bipolar  only to find out they were struggling singularly with depression or anxiety. It is really hard to diagnose until you have reached adulthood.
But no matter how old you should ALWAYS get a second opinion.

Another big sign is if your family has a history of mental illness. For example, my mom and grandmother were bipolar (bipolar is more common in women than men)
Also my aunt, great uncle and grandfather are all on welbutrin (mainly for anger) on my dads side.
Also family history Alcoholism and mental heath issues could have genetically influenced your (possible) illness

For me the biggest and most important indecator is if my close family and friends start noticing a problem. Bipolar makes it really hard to identify what behaviors are your 'normal' and which are not.
the close people around you should be able to easily identify what your 'normal' does and doesn't look like.

For example my dad has always been the most aware of my illness. I will be on the phone with him a country away and he can tell if something is off even if i feel totally normal.
So its REALLY important to have a close friend/family member who is aware of your situation and can identify if you are okay.

I truly hope you are able to get a medical asap & are free of illness.
I wish you the best & if you have questions or worries feel free to message me.
Thank you so much I'll definitely take into consideration all of what you said
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Can you describe your symptioms? And also: how long do these moods last?
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