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Anticonvulsant medications for Bipolar

I am BP and my psychiatrist wants to put me on Anticonvulsant medication similar to Valproate in a bid to control my moods. I am worried about the side effects as she said they can cause liver and kidney problems. Could anyone who is on similar medication for BP give me some information on what their experience of such medications have been and if they have helped their condition? Is it a good idea to allow the doctor to treat me using these medications, what are the benefits and side effects. I am reluctant to start taking these drugs however I am at the point where I am finding daily life a real struggle and don't know what other options I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I am on Carbamazeptine, that is for my Epilepsy and Depression. I found that it did not work for my Bipolar even though i was on 800mg and yes, you will need regular blood tests to check your liver and kidney function. If you are concerned about it talk to your Psychiatrist about other options. I did! It is your body and you do have control over what goes into it.

Hope this helps

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I have seen several different anticonvulsants used in BP, My daughter has been on Lamictal 200mg and it seems to work well. I have seen Depakote(valproate), tegretol, ect used. It is becoming a pretty common practice.
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It is a VERY common practice these days.  I've had great sucess with lamictal as well.  good luck!
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I am BP and I try to convince my pdoc to try lamictal. He put me on tegretol instead which I couldn't bare. I read good things about lamictal. Why pdocs prefer AC as MS because more effective and longlasting than AP.

Although I am on seroquel which is OK, I believe the best 2 meds invented so far though not tried neither is lamotrigine (lamictal) and abilify.
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I've been on Depakote with little help in controlling my moods. It caused weight gain, skin discoloration and acne, stopped my periods, and made my hair darker and wavier.

Tegretol, Trileptal, Lamictal, all caused dizziness, double vision, and poor coordination.

Topomax caused memory problems and word finding problems.

None helped my moods much, except, MAYBE Lamictal. NOW, I am one of those people that gets the side effects at a low dose and can't tolerate a therapeutic dose. That's me. Lithobid is the only thing that has helped, but it isn't an anticonvulsant. I don't get any side effects from it, either.
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I forgot, Neurontin caused the dizziness and double vision, too.
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