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Antipsychotic use and weight gain

Has anyone used metformin for weight loss while taking any of the atypicals?
topamax was what I was prescribed with zombie like results.I believe the atypicals change your metabolism and it must be addressed not covered up
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topamax is not an atypical antipsychotic rather an off-label anticonvulsant (antiepilepsy) drug to stabilize BP. Strange one of the side effects is anorexia (loss of appetite). The only drug i know which doesn't cause weight gain is lamotrigine. But aside from it all the AC's, lithium, AP's even AD's cause weight gain. In short all BP drugs increase weight. That's a price we pay. I recall once Oprah had a program for BP and all the guests were rather heavy weight persons.
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I have looked into these types of Meds to counteract the weight gain and I am interested in seeing how it would help. I don't have any issue with taking another med, especially if it were to stop the weight gain.. it's a serious problem as for me the ones that don't make you gain weight are never effective! I am tall and used to be naturally slim, I could eat what I want but now I don't seem to eat much at all and have still put on weight, I exercise on a treadmill asawell. I am on an anti convulsant ( depakote ) and an anti psychotic ( seroquel ) and the weight gain has taken my self esteem to a low, I know it's vain but I like to be slim, I don't look like me. The other thing is it doesn't stop when you stop taking them, I agree that it changes the metabolism for life.
I wish my doc would prescribe Metformin but he won't!
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Interesting to learn that all those medications are weight gainers. Topamax was prescribed to counteract the weight gain from Zyprexa and then Abilify. I am going to see my pdoc about my metformin venture. I had a saliva test done recently and found my seritonin level was extremely low. Started Deplin and 5HTP and stopped all AD's what a difference.
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