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Anxiety Meds

Hi everyone.  I am on Cymbalta and Zyprexa for my bipolar.  I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  I take Ativan as needed and Xanax as needed, my body is adjusting to them and they are not working as well.  I was wondering, is there a med to take all the time for anxiety?  I mean like I take a med for depression, a med for mania, is there one for anxiety?  Thank you for your help.
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I take Klonopin that was originally used for anxiety for me and now for my physical disability ten years now. I have no problem tolerating it but for some people its sedating and of course one can build up a tolerance to it. What about more generalized mood stablizers such as Lamictal? That has a strong anti-depressent effect as well. When moods are stable unless a person has anxiety disorder as well anxiety general is. Panic attacks go along with moodswings. For me personally before recovery as well. I think you put a post to ask about Lovaza as well. I wouldn't want in any way to suggest a particular medication but I would reccomend if your psychiatrist can't think of any new ideas to have a consultation with a mood disorders specialist. There are as the one link shows many FDA approved options used experimentally for bipolar.
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I am interested to know about anxiety, phobia, fears...does lamictal help here? people differ in opinion about it.

Yesterday i thought of quitting work because they asked me to sit and explain my work to others. Somehow i had some fears or call it social phobia this i suppose has to do with my old experience in college an old knot in my personality. When exposed to an exam i panic. it happens on and off. Perhaps these obcessions led my old pdoc assume i was originally OCD and perhaps not. My mother tells me you are not bipolar your illness is fears and phobia. My father had it when young she said and he confirmed but never took any meds for anything yet he said in exams and in situations confronting public say... But i assume once i became manic it shows my BP also my mood swings. Half a dozen of pdocs said BP. She insists it's fears i have.

i surfed the internet yesterday and found that benzos or AD paxil and effexor are FDA approved for that. Supposedly it's anxiety kind of symptoms. I hated to enter exams, but of course after i fell ill. a week ago there was this course they asked me to join , i panicked.
so would this go along with my mood swings as well. in which case does lamictal help here. Or to put it differently CAN lamictal increase anxiety? because this will be really bad. If not then thanks God. Perhaps these fears will go after a while.

I just hope they won't fire me because yesterday i didn't go to work as my meeting was set then. I even shut my cellular so that they don't reach for me

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>>Panic attacks go along with moodswings.

if this is true then perhaps if my mood is stable panic is less ?
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I would suggest you not follow your mother's thinking. I don't know whether what you are experiencing is a seperate anxiety disorder or just that the Lamictal has not reached a proper dosage in which social avoidance can be a part of bipolar. Since you have a psychiatrist you trust now why not speak to them more about that.
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my 2 pdocs said this has nothing to do with my illness because it's situational i.e. happened only when confronted only i.e. facing an exam and the like. Of course lamictal has not reached proper dosage but it helped me still a lot.

my question only whether lamictal can increase anxiety? this worries me if it does. I also read the opposite.

Again is panic as you said part of mood swings as you wrote above
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exactly: you expressed neatly: social avoidance. but especially associated with exams. otherwise i am at ease with my colleagues at work.
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