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Any NPs out there with mental illness?

I'm thinking about going back to school (after not being able to find work in my preferred field -- environmental sciences) and was thinking about going for my RN and then onto my Nurse Practitioner to work in Mental Health/Psychiatrics and help others like myself (bipolar II).

Are there any out there that have had any success with nursing in general?

What about the mental health field?

Any advice or guidance anyone can offer to someone looking to help others in the field but not looking to be stunted by their own (possible) shortcomings?
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I'm 28, bipolar I, and have been an RN for about five years. I love my job and highly recommend studying nursing if you have a true passion for helping people. I've had two different jobs, both which have been in ICU's and involve a lot of critical thinking, autonomy and are less task oriented than different areas of nursing.
Nursing has allowed me to work full time and return to school to finish my bachelor's (which was paid for by the hospital I work for). Although I have not worked directly in mental health nursing, all nursing exhibits mental health to some degree.
Overall I highly recommend pursuing your dreams of becoming an RN and someday an NP if you are committed to helping others. The benefits are great, and giving back is truly an amazing feeling.
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I too am bipolar. Am CNA and going to school for RN. Did alot of research for fear bipolar would be a prob. Turns out statistics say large % of nurses bipolar
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